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UWA - means world or earth.

Starting with the forgotten canvas, your scalp, we're combining natures finest ingredients and a touch of science to revolutionise haircare.

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4.57 average

I've been using UWA hair serum for 6-7ish weeks, using it on my 'bald' patch that was damaged by a hairdresser using too much heat on my head. I can't believe the growth i've seen! I noticed the growh and measured 2.5 inches initially, now i'm at 4.5 inches. This product really and truly works go and grab the serum if you want inches girls!


London, UK

My edges have grown since using uwa. I was suffering from hair loss because of the constant pulling of my hair due to modeling. Over the last few years i have struggled with growing them back. I use other brands and they work but not as well and fast as the serum did.

Aissa M.


This product has truly changed my life. I've had alopecia for over a decade and recently had this product recommended to me. I've been using it consistently for 6 weeks on a daily basis and giving myself a scalp massage. I'm on my second bottle and I can honestly say I'm seeing hairs sprouting where I never thought hair could grow. there are little hairs in places where I've been bald for years. Thank you UWA

Mayo U.

Verified customer

I love this oil! I needed something to hydrate and add shine to my hair as it can get super dry. I have tried lots of oils which have left my hair feeling greasy as opposed to shiny. This gives the best glow! I have also been using it as a pre shampoo treatment and have noticed that it leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh for days after washing!

Agnes F.

Verified customer

Hair Transformations

See the real life results for yourself. Both ladies used our Restore and Growth Bundle for 16 weeks. Our powerful Growth Serum and Hair Oil duo work together to hydrate, stimulate growth, and repair damaged follicles. The transformation is undeniable!

Our Products


Yes, toner for the scalp! Our Replenish Kola Tona is perfect for normal to oily hair and scalp types. Light weight and made with kola to stimulate 'non-greasy' hair growth.


Harnessing the power of Yangu oil, a precious natural ingredient sourced from the pristine regions of Africa. This moisture locking and protective oil will take your hair health to the next level.


Essential hydration serum for a healthy, happy scalp. This lightweight, nourishing and growth boosting elixir is meticulously crafted to provide the ultimate moisture balance your scalp craves. Perfect for dry scalp needs.