The journey of UWA began when founder Patricia Bright, faced challenges with sensitivities after having children. She embarked on a quest to find effective solutions for her postpartum hair loss and her daughter's special skincare needs while dealing with severe eczema and allergies.

Determined to understand what truly worked, Patricia delved into researching natural ingredients and sought guidance from experts and gatekeepers in the field. However, her pursuit unveiled a surprising truth - not every natural ingredient was beneficial; some actually triggered flares and scalp irritation.

Amidst a process of extensive testing and trialling, Patricia came to a profound realisation: there was no one perfect ingredient to solve all her hair, scalp, and skin issues. Instead of relying on trial and error, or seeking a single saviour ingredient, she understood that consistency combined with a carefully formulated blend of hero natural ingredients from around the world, became the healing approach.

With this newfound wisdom, Patricia set out to create UWA, a brand that emphasises the importance of natural active ingredients and a supportive community.